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Dr Abid Malik

Dr. Abid Malik a dental graduate of 1985 is the current owner that leads Malik Dental Associates. He acquired his post-graduation from England in 1991 and further received a Fellowship from America in 1996. In 2006, he was awarded the children's Presidential Award by the President of Pakistan. He headed the dental departments of both children's Hospital and the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.
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MR. AFZAL LATIF , SECRETARY, MINISTRY OF HUMAN RIGHTS, is a career civil servant who joined the Government of Pakistan in 1990. He has the experience of serving at senior policy implementation and policy-making positions in the Government of Pakistan and in the provincial Governments of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.  He served as Secretary in Industries & Production Division and Establishment Division before assuming his responsibilities as Secretary of Human Rights Division.  He has worked closely with donors such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Asian Development Bank, and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. x

Asma Shirazi

  Asma Shirazi is a popular Pakistani journalist, anchorperson who has worked with various news channels including GEO News, ARY News, Samaa TV and Dawn News. She is most popular for her current affair program Faisla Awam Ka on Dawn News. She was born in Islamabad, and has a Postgraduate Degree in Political Science. She has experience as a news reporter and program anchor. Asma started her career with GEO News in 2001. She later joined ARY News as an anchor and host of current affairs program. She joined SAMAA TV in July 2010 and later joined DAWN TV. She currently hosts a Talk Show, “Faisla Awam Ka”. Asma Shirazi is Pakistan’s first female war correspondent and host was also named 2014 Winner of Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism in 2014. In her talk show Faisla Awam Ka reported on conflicts that include the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, Taliban violence on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in 2009 and General Pervez Musharraf’s 2007 state of emergency. She also hosted

Naba Mansoor

Naba Mansoor is a Young, Islamabad based Fashion Designer, currently Working through a Co-Owned Brand Name of "DiyaNoor". She is seen making her way through the market saturated contrives with a radical spirit. Naba lived her early childhood and teenage years in Muscat, Oman.  She did her O levels and A levels from a locally proclaimed school, in affiliation with the University of Cambridge. She Completed her University Degree of BBA (hons.) and later, MBA in Human Resource Management from International Islamic University, Islamabad during the year 2009.  She came be talked about as a creatively infused mind, where she loved art plays in all aspects of life. Academically, she was not linked to art or fashion. Yet, her entrepreneurial instincts led her to pave the fashion fiesta her mind produced. She ran a leading  ready to-wear clothing brand's franchise in one of the most visited areas of Rawalpindi for around 2 plus years. There she observed the customer li

Phyza Jameel

Working for UNESCO Islamabad office as Communication and Information Expert, Phyza Jameel is working in Pakistan, with the mandate; to contribute towards ” freedom of expression” and ” access to information”. issues. Currently she is implementing a program on “Safety of Journalists and Impunity issues in Pakistan” as part of UN Action Plan. She had been a Broadcast journalist in her earlier life, and has studied in National College of Arts, Stanford University and Central European University.

Shahnaz Minallah

She once dreamed of pursuing a career as an interior designer. She became an Art of Living teacher and loves seeing people recognise the beauty within - an interior designer in the true sense! Born on the 6th of May, in Pindi , Pakistan , Shahnaz Minallah comes from a long line of Sufi saints from the ‘Kakakhel’ tribe. It resulted in her having a deep spiritual background, significant in shaping a divine outlook. She spent her childhood years with her parents on their tea estate in Bangladesh , where she was first home-schooled by her mother, and then, later, was sent to a convent school, where she was educated by nuns. The partition of East and West Pakistan brought Shahnaz and her family back to Pakistan , leaving behind their well-established life and belongings to begin a new life. She graduated in Law and Political Science, married and gave birth to two children, Sharmine and Sharez. Her married life was accompanied with plenty of travel. She eventually settled in Islamab

Rahat Kaunain Hassan

MS. RAHAT KAUNAIN HASSAN , is the Chairperson of the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) since July 26, 2010. Under her leadership, CCP has gained international repute for achieving substantive progress in competition law enforcement in a short span of time. Earlier, Ms. Hassan served CCP as Member (Legal and Office of Fair Trading) since its establishment in November 2007. Ms. Hassan received LL.M. degree from King's College, London . She has been associated with, and has been a partner at, some of the finest civil and commercial law firms in Pakistan . In 2001, Ms. Hassan was appointed General Counsel/Executive Director at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Soon after the conclusion of her tenure at SECP, Ms. Hassan established her own law firm, handling civil and commercial litigation and regulatory work. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Office of Fair Trading within CCP and has authored numerous position papers, guideline