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Naba Mansoor

Naba Mansoor is a Young, Islamabad based Fashion Designer, currently Working through a Co-Owned Brand Name of "DiyaNoor". She is seen making her way through the market saturated contrives with a radical spirit.

Naba lived her early childhood and teenage years in Muscat, Oman.  She did her O levels and A levels from a locally proclaimed school, in affiliation with the University of Cambridge. She Completed her University Degree of BBA (hons.) and later, MBA in Human Resource Management from International Islamic University, Islamabad during the year 2009. 

She came be talked about as a creatively infused mind, where she loved art plays in all aspects of life. Academically, she was not linked to art or fashion. Yet, her entrepreneurial instincts led her to pave the fashion fiesta her mind produced. She ran a leading  ready to-wear clothing brand's franchise in one of the most visited areas of Rawalpindi for around 2 plus years. There she observed the customer likes, market trends and the exploitable gaps to satisfy customers. She now is working as a designer, where she has made a mark in a very short time span. She has worked for some celebrities and is producing vogue of fashion flares. 

Her work has gained potential popularity in a shrunk time period and she now is focusing on overseas Pakistani-wardrobe fashion shows.


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